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Athletes working out


What can you expect out of a private group class?

Our group classes are curated and customized to fit your group's needs. Looking for a place for your team to increase speed and strength outside your regular sports practices? Look no further. Or maybe you just want to get your fitness on to the best of Beyoncé? We've got you covered. We'll also take into account each person's level of physical fitness and accommodate any personal needs. Private group fitness classes are capped at nine people maximum and can be scheduled any time outside of normal class times.

How do I get started?

Click the button below and we'll be in touch within 24 hours to book your class! A coach will call you to learn more about your specific needs and goals and build a program that is right for your group.


Can you work with different ability levels?

YES! Whether you've never lifted a weight in your life before or you're a professional athlete, we can help you and your group! Our group fitness classes are designed to help your group's specific needs and goals.

Do I need to be a Phoenix Effect member to book a group class?

No! While we would love to have you as a member, you do not need to be one to book a group class. But we have a strong feeling you'll want to become a VIP immediately after trying us out. 

Is team training specific to a sport?

We understand every sport requires specoalization in different movements and muscle groups. For any team, our certified trainers create a custom class specific not only to the sport but also the ability level of the athletes involved from high school to professional athletes.

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