Ah, alcohol. For some people, it’s seriously derails their healthy eating habits and holds them back from reaching their weight loss goals.  I myself love a cold beer (or three?) on a Saturday night. The good news is that there are many ways to go out and enjoy yourself (booze included) without totally breaking the calorie bank. Next time you have a night out, try these tips for how to make better choices and reap the benefits the next day!


  • Sneak a glass of soda water with lime or a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink. Of course there are safety reasons as to why you should do this (drinking majorly dehydrates you and this might help prevent a hangover the next day), but also there are aesthetic ones 😉 The fewer amount of drinks you’re having per night, the fewer calories you are consuming. That simple!
  • Opt for lower calorie mixers. Citrus, soda water, and even olive juice are great mixer alternatives to coke, sprite, and sweet and sour mix. A lot of bartenders will even make drinks “skinny” if you ask for it. Whatever your drink order, think to yourself how you could make it a little less sugary, a little less caloric, and celebrate in making that great choice!
  • Seek out lighter or “lite” beers. Not gonna lie, a lot of time it’s hard to tell the difference in taste between a “regular” and a “lite” beer. There’s a great list of options with their taste rankings here.
  • Take the time to really savor your beverage. If you’re not interested in compromising your choice of booze, or you’re just really craving that damn piña colada, that’s ok! Savor your drink and drink it sloooowly. Take the time to enjoy every sip. This means it’ll take longer to finish your drink, and you can decide mindfully if you really need the next one. 

Make your drunchies and/or hangover breakfasts at home! Craving a quesadilla at 2am? Whip one up at home for a smaller portion and way less grease. Your bod and your wallet will thank you for it. Need a breakfast sandwich to settle your stomach the next day? Make some toast, fry up an egg and some turkey bacon, throw in some spinach and avo, and call it a day! You don’t even have to put on real clothes and leave the house!