Becoming a member at TPE has truly changed my life for the better

“Becoming a member at TPE has truly changed my life for the better. I’ve always enjoyed working out, but after quitting sports a few years ago, I struggled to find something I enjoyed enough to stick with long-term. I tried running as well as various activities and gyms through Class Pass, but it wasn’t until I tried The Phoenix Effect that I really got “hooked” on a workout. After months of attending class a few times a month, I finally became a full-time member, and now, over a year later, I’m still completely hooked. Nowhere else can you find such a fantastic combination of HIIT and heavy lifting along with an amazing, supportive community of coaches and fellow athletes. Since joining TPE, I’ve begun to feel so much stronger, both physically and mentally, and I’ve made so many great new friends. Now I’m looking forward to seeing where the next year at TPE will take me!” We love you Ashley and are so proud to have you as part of our family!