Shred fat with Phoenix Burn. Burn classes use high intensity interval training (HIIT) with functional strength exercises to sculpt and tone your body, as well as improve aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Anyone from beginners to advanced athletes perfect their basic form and movement patterns while burning maximum calories.


Phoenix Fire is a total body athletic performance workout that emphasizes agility, coordination, speed, and strength, in all planes of motion. Every workout is a different adventure – you’ll push sleds, swing ropes, flip tires, and more! Fire harnesses the skills developed in Burn and puts them to test in our signature “Burn Outs.”


Phoenix Lift is all about old-school heavy lifting and building strength with simple, effective movements. Each class features a compound barbell exercise, along with other tried-and-true strength exercises using dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and more.


Phoenix Fix is our functional mobility class designed to increase range of motion in hip and shoulder joints. We use a combination of physical therapy techniques such as foam rolling, trigger point release, flossing, banded activation, and smashing.


Test your limits with Phoenix Inferno. This class incorporates exercises found in Burn and Fire into 1, 2, or 3 workouts (“Heats”) and a smaller finisher workout (“Feat”). Expect anywhere from 5-25 minutes of intense effort each round, with a few minutes of recovery in between. We recommend taking at least 5-10 Burn and/or Fire classes before attending Inferno to ensure you’re ready to test your form and movement patterns.


Love barbells? Love strength AND conditioning? Barbell Party lives up to its name! While the format varies (individual or partner/team workouts), the class always focuses on combining compound movements into signature barbell complexes that will leave you absolutely drenched, yet thirsty for more! We strongly recommend taking at least 10 Lift classes before attending Barbell Party.