You wanna hot body…. In time for Dinah? You better do this challenge!

Want to go to Dinah but forgot to get that Dinah body? We’ve teamed up with LA’s top lesbian trainers and owners of The Phoenix Effect, Beth Bishop and Kristin Vallacher, to create an EXCLUSIVE 21-Day Dinah Shred Program starting 3/16.
EDEN LA is committed to creating new experiences and building community in LA, and making our community healthy, confident, and strong is what we’re all about! Kristin and Beth will help you every step of the way and guarantee you’ll love the way you feel Dinah weekend.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Meal plan & Grocery list ($99 value)
  • Custom program and 1 on 1 Success Session with Kristin or Beth– Everyone has their own body and specific needs. We’ll customize your program to fit your specific goals. ($150 value)
  • Unlimited classes at The Phoenix Effect- Our muscle building/fat shredding classes are fun, safe, and are great for all levels. ($149 value)
  • Daily tips, articles, self-evaluation, Q & A and accountability on our CUSTOM 21 DAY DINAH SHRED CHALLENGE APP ($99 value) – Learn new stuff every day and ask questions. Beth and Kristin will be helping you every single day of this challenge!

That’s $500 worth of quality fitness products that WORK, but we’re not stopping there…..

We’re also throwing in a very sexy LIVE workshop JUST FOR OUR CHALLENGERS: 2 Girls 1 Bed: Mobility for Hot Lesbian Sex, that will help you live your best life while at Dinah. ($49 value)



But hurry, to ensure quality we are limiting this program to the first 50 people ONLY! Registration closes 3/16.

Just how effective is this 21-day shred? Take a look at the picture below or, better yet, grab 3 grapefruits and hold them along your waist:

The 21 Day Dinah Shred is specifically designed to eliminate 3 – 9 grapefruits in just 21 days!
But that’s only part of the benefits. You’ll also meet other amazing queer women, make friends (or more heyo) and have a great time in a fun and supportive environment. New to fitness? Not a problem! The Phoenix Effect has classes for all ability levels.



Kristin Vallacher and Beth Bishop have 16 years combined experience in the fitness industry and hold over 15 specialty certifications. They’re married, and they’re super gay, and own and run LA’s best strength and conditioning gym, The Phoenix Effect! Together, they live passion to educate, motivate and inspire you to become the best version of YOU while you workout and make friends (or maybe more) with other cool muscle babes. They’ve helped 1000’s of people hit their goals and fall in love with their bodies. Your turn.

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